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LED ceiling to how to choose.

Looking at electrical appliances, it means that all fluorescent light sources must have a ballast to light up. Ballasts can bring instantaneous starting voltage and task stability to the light source. The quality of the ballast is Will come to directly determine the longevity and luminous efficiency of this LED ceiling lamp, that is, the ballast produced by the Led ceiling lamp manufacturer in the living room, which is usually on the right track, is of better quality.

Looking at the mask, acrylic masks, plastic masks and glass are rare in the market of household Led ceiling lamp manufacturers. It is better to export acrylic masks after secondary stretching. They are soft, lightweight, light-transmitting, and not easy. Is dyed. When purchasing, press the mask with your hand to see how soft it is, and it is soft. Then put your hands back and look at the color. If it is pale, it is better to open the cover to see if the assembly is convenient. Open it to see if the buckles of the light source, electrical appliances, and wires are strong, and the wiring is uniform, not messy, or entangled.